Vacant positions

 Job description  Date of Publication
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Glyco Dementia 28/7/20
Nanotechnological platform start up  is looking for chemist to join us For More detalis. 2/9/19
An open position for a research scientist in structural biology and computational drug discovery for more detalis 8/8/19
we are looking for a chemist wi for more detalis 1/8/19
Research Electrochemist for more detalis 30/7/19
Chief Scientific Officer for more detalis 30/7/19
MIGAL Galilee Research Institute –  research scientist in structural biology and computational drug discovery For more detalis 25/7/19
Department of Chemical Engineering-Research Group Manager for more detalis 16/7/19
EYBNA- We are looking for a Medical Cannabis R&D Startup for more details 14/7/19
TIPA- We are looking for a Operations’ Project Manager for more details 21/5/19
TIPA-We are looking for an R&D Director for more details 21/5/19
 (Hylabs) – Israel’s leading biotechnological laboratory
Invites chemists to join the company for more details
Position: R&D engineer and lab manager For more details 14/5/19
Bioanalytical Associate For more details 12/3/19
QC Analysts For more details 31/1/19
Project Manager Assistant For more details 31/1/19
In the laboratory of Prof. Eisen, there are in the need of two students For more details   7/10/19
Nanosono is hiring for further details 17/9/18
Life Bond is Hiring- Research and Develpoment Assistant For More Details 13/6/18
Challenging R&D Student position

Development of antimicrobial active packaging For

More details
Industry position: CMC manager. M.Sc. is required. For More details – CMC manager.  18/07/2016
Industry position: A lab technician. B. Sc. in chemistry is required. For More details- A lab technion B. Sc.   18/07/2016
Student/postdoc: A new research lab in the Volcanic institute is looking for postdocs and Ph.D. students. For More details – Student position  in the lab  .    18/07/2016
Industry position: Analyst for stability lab. For More details- Analyst for stability lab. 16/08/2016
Industry position: Student of chemical engineering/materials for research and development department. For More details- student for research development. 16/08/2016
 An ERC funded postdoctoral position is available in Dr. Roy Weinstain lab, Tel-Aviv UniversityLife Sciences Faculty, to develop chemical-biology methods for visualization and manipulation of
small-molecules using light. For More details- ERC position
 A new research group in the Faculty of Chemistry is looking for students. For More details – students in a new research group 1/1/17
A new Back Office Sales Operations – USA Coordinator- for more details of Back Office Sales Operations 10/1/17
 Salzman Capital Ventures is seeking Synthetic Organic Chemists for more details about Synthetic Organic Chemists  at Salzman Capital Ventures 15/1/17
 Chemistry M.Sc. Student Wanted for more details  16/1/17
 a lab at the technion is seeking for post-doctoral fellows and research associates for more details
 Salzman Capital Ventures is seeking Synthetic Organic Chemists For More details 29/3/17