Faculty members are cooperating with the local industry on various levels. This cooperation can take different forms, such as direct funding of research by partners in the industry, government funding of joint projects between academic researchers and industry, start-up companies in which academic staff are involved, consulting services provided to industry, patent applications and commercialization, and service work provided to industry by our service research laboratories.

Some faculty members’ research projects are directly funded by Israeli companies such as Teva Pharmaceutical Company (T. Baasov), SCD Semiconductor Devices (A. Hoffman) and NUR (Y. Eichen). In these cases, very focused applied research is carried out in collaboration with industrial programs with financial support provided from the industrial side.

Some of our faculty (i.e. E. Lifshitz, E. Kolodney, A. Hoffman, M. Eisen, I. Shechter) take part in joint academic-industrial research programs funded by government foundations such as Magnet, Nofar and Magneton. In these cases, several industrial partners and academic groups join a large project that includes research and development in several directions. Companies involved in these projects include, for example, Intel, Tower, SCD, Rafael, Teva, 3GSolar, ELOP and others.

Several faculty members (M. Eisen, Y. Eichen, E, Keinan, N. Moiseyev) have founded start-up companies based on research and patents developed within the Technion. Some of these start-up companies have achieved economic success.

All our service research laboratories (NMR, MS, XRD and the Surface Analysis and Characterization Laboratory) provide service work for different industries (mostly chemical and pharmaceutical) and for research laboratories within and outside the Technion. In these cases, the service is carried out at predefined rates. In addition, our glassblowing workshop and machine shop also provide occasional service for external users.