Chemistry-based applications play a crucial and versatile role in our society, and gain even more importance in light of the challenges of the 21st century.
The award of Chemistry Nobel Prizes to several Israeli scientists is a testimony to the unique contribution of our country to this field.
The Faculty of Chemistry considers the encouragement and the promotion of chemistry studies as a central goal. As part of its contribution to society, the faculty promotes several programs whose aim is to improve high-school education in chemistry, and to prepare the next generation of scientists.

While part of the outreach activities of our faculty members are related to cooperation with various industries, the majority of the activity is educational in nature. Several faculty members help the Israeli Ministry of Education to develop curricula in chemistry. The faculty also encourages visits of high-school students. These visits increase the students’ interest in the science of chemistry. In addition, the faculty is involved in three important educational projects:
1. The Archimedes program allows excellent high school students to take part in chemistry studies at an academic level.
2. The Chemiada is the Israeli Chemistry Olympics. In the course of the program, the best chemistry students of Israel compete with each other. The prizes awarded to the winners grant them an exemption from the Technion tuition fees.
3. The top ten students of the national Chemiada take part in preparations for the International Chemistry Olympics. Finally, four students are chosen to go abroad and represent Israel in this challenging project.
Graduates of these programs are often found among those receiving excellence awards in the course of their studies at the Technion.


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High school students from Leo Baeck visiting the Chemistry Faculty