The Apeloig lecture was established by friends of the Technion (mainly from the USA and Canada) to honor the leadership and achievements of Prof. Yitzhak Apeloig during his eight years (2001-2009) as President of Technion. The lecture endowment allows to bring each year to the Technion, for a visit and a lecture a world-leading scientist, such as Nobel Prize laureates.  The “Apeloig Lecturer” meets with faculty and graduate students for scientific discussions and has a lunch meeting with a group of PhD students and postdocs. The lectures attract scientists and students from all Israel’s universities. To commemorate the visit the lecturers a plant a tree on the Technion’s Nobel Prize Laureates Avenue.

The Apeloig lectures are filmed and are available on Y-tube.

All previous five lectures were presented by Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry.

List of Lectures 

2013– Prof. Roald Hoffmann – Nobel Prize 1981.

Lecture title: “The Chemical Imagination at Work in Tight Places”


2015 – Prof. Jean Marie Lehn – Nobel Prize 1987.

Lecture title: “Perspectives in Chemistry: From Supramolecular Chemistry towards Adaptive Chemistry”


2017 – Prof. Robert H. Grubbs – Nobel Prize 2005.

Lecture title: “Selective Olefin Metathesis Catalysts and Their Applications”


2018– Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart – Nobel Prize 2016.

Lecture title: ” The Rise and Promise of Artificial Molecular Machines Based on the Mechanical Bond”


2019 – Prof. Frances Hamilton Arnold – Nobel Prize 2018.

Lecture title: “Innovation by Evolution: “Bringing New Chemistry to Life”


2023 – Professor Bernard (Ben) Feringa, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2016, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Lecture Title: “Molecular Switches and Motors”

Prof. Feringa (left) with Prof. Apeloig next to signature wall









Prof. Arnold with Prof. Apeloig in front of the faculty’s “wall of fame”.









Prof. Arnold with students at a lunch meeting.