Modern chemistry is at a junction between several fields of science; it has overlaps with physics and biology, and in many cases also bridges the gap between the pursuit of fundamental knowledge and technological applications. Chemists not only develop new drugs, but also develop modern “smart” materials which are used in state of the art technological applications.

Chemistry is the science of matter. It gives our graduates a deep understanding of many of the chemical processes used in the modern microelectronic industry. Chemists have an edge when applying for jobs related to the development of new manufacturing techniques and the improvement of existing ones.

In contract to common misconceptions, chemistry graduates are employed in a large spectrum of jobs in the high-tech industry, well beyond the traditional roles of organic and analytical chemistry. The knowledge acquired in the various research labs in the Chemistry faculty prepares our graduates to work in a diverse range of jobs, and the skills acquired during graduate studies closely match the ones sought by prospective employers.

More than 2630 people have graduated from the Chemistry faculty, including 1691 bachelor’s degree holders, 543 M.Sc.’s, and 398 Ph.D.’s. Many of our graduates work in the forefront of Israeli High-Tech industry. Our graduates can be found in various universities in Israel and around the world, in research institutes, and in various public institutions.

The story of several of our graduates who work in the industry can be found in this publication (in Hebrew).

בוגרי הפקולטה למדע והנדסה של חומרים מספרים על חווית הלימוד בפקולטה ועל השתלבותם בתעשייה כמובילים וכמומחים בתחום הנדסת החומרים.