Ehud Keinan

Ehud Keinan

Professor Emeritus
Catalytic Antibodies, Synthetic Enzymes, Drug Discovery, Molecular Computing, Molecular Machines

v Biocatalysis with antibodies and with synthetic enzymes.
v Organic synthesis.
v Organometallic chemistry.
v Molecular computing devices.
v Synthetic receptors and molecular machines.
v Drug discovery:
v Anti-cancer agents
v Anti-arrhythmic drugs
v Anti-asthma drugs

Ph.D: Weizmann Institute of Science


1985 Joseph and Madeleine Nash Career Development Chair
1990 New England Award for Academic Excellence
1992 Shannon Award, NIH
1997 Benno Gitter and Ilana Ben Ami Chair in Biotechnology
2004 Technion Prize for security technologies
2006 Henri Taub Prize for Academic Excellence


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