Molecular Beams and Surface Chemistry
· Molecular beam scattering: The study of interaction of hyperthermal (1-100 eV) molecular, atomic and cluster beams with single crystal surfaces under Ultra-High-Vacuum conditions. The research is aimed at investigating the dynamics of both impulsive scattering and trapping desorption processes at surfaces.
· Molecular beam Eley-Rideal type chemistry: Single collision chemistry. Atom pick-up reactions and charge exchange.
· Epitaxial growth and etching processes of thin films: Effusive growth from High-Temperature Knudsen cells and kinetic energy activated growth from molecular and cluster beams.
· Decay processes of isolated superheated C60 molecule in beams: Unimolecular fragmentation via Time-of-Flight technique and radiative cooling.
· Studies of fullerenes excitations: Plasmonic excitations in thin films using Electron Energy Loss (EEL) and X-ray photoemission (XPS) methods.
· Strong technological orientation: Continuous development of new techniques and devices for detection and generation of molecular beams, High Vacuum and high temperature components.


Ph.D: Tel-Aviv University, 1985

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