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Mechanochemistry is the use of mechanical force to drive chemical reactions. In polymeric materials, mechanical stress can lead to scission of covalent bonds, affecting the molecular weight of the chains and therefore the properties of the material. Our group studies:

  1. New mechanically driven chemical transformations – we design molecules that, when incorporated into polymers, undergo productive chemical reactions under stress.
  2. Design of polymer architectures that conduct mechanical stress to specific points in the polymer chains, creating new materials that are more resistant or susceptible to mechanical stress.
  3. Design of new mechanoresponsive materials, utilizing mechanically driven chemical transformations.
  4. The use of organic chemistry to create new polymer architectures that react to physicochemical stimuli.
  5. The effect of polymer chemistry and architecture on the mechanical properties of materials, i.e., relation between nano (chemistry) and macro (mechanics).
  6. Chemistry of quaternary ammonium salts – chemical stability, chiral properties, catalysis.


Post doc: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 2011-2014, doing research in the field of mechanically driven chemical reactions (mechanochemistry)

Ph.D: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 2007-2011, on the synthesis of bimetallic complexes and the physical organic chemistry of olefin-metathesis pre-catalysts.


2023 – Rechler Prize for Excellence in Research

2021 – Crown Vanguard Award

2019 – The ICS Prize for Outstanding Young Scientist

2018 – Krill Prize

2018 – Blavatnik Award

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Group members
Name Email Room Phone
Dr. Sinai Aharonovich 308 1533
Dr. Elisa Ivry 308 1533
Dr. Hang Zhang 308 1533
Eden Ovadia 308 1533
Faran Levi 308 1533
Rony Schwarz 308 1533
Alisa Bouketov 308 1533
Yonatan Amit 308 1533
Amit Manor Armon

308 1533
Ranu-Satish Dhale 308 1533
Dr. Ankita Mathur

308 1533