Professor Emeritus

The Physical Chemistry of Liquid Crystalline Systems – Nuclear magnetic resonance of liquids and liquid crystals. Molecular reorientations and other dynamic processes in liquids. – Nuclear quadrupole coupling constants of deuterium, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur in small molecules. – The phase diagrams of lyotropic and thermotropic liquid crystals. The structure of liquid crystalline phases. Aliphatic chain and polar-head dynamics in non-ionic liquid crystals. Carbohydrate liquid crystals. alpha,omega-dicarboxylic acids lyotropic liquid crystals. – The properties of the liquid crystalline and gel phases of poly- gamma-benzyl-L-glutamate (PBLG) in different organic solvents. – Application of PBLG-organic solvent liquid crystals to the observation of chiral and prochiral enantiomers by NMR. – The study of the liquid crystalline phases of organic dyes (e.g. benzopurpurin in water) by NMR, X-rays, DSC and optical microscopy.


Post doc: Cal. Tech., 1958-59; Columbia University ,1959-60

Ph.D: Hebrew University, 1958

Selected publications

A. Loewenstein, D. Igner, U. Zehavi, H. Zimmerman, A. Emerson, and G.R. Luckhurst, Deuterium NMR Studies of n-Alkyl-beta-D-Glucopyranosides Liquid Crystalline Sytems, Liquid Crystals, 7, 457 (1990). H. Gutman, A. Loewenstein, Z. Luz, R. Poupko, and H. Zimmermann, Head Group Ordering in the Lyomesophases of Dipotassium Hexadecanoate Water System Studied by 13C and 2H NMR, Liquid Crystals, 9, 607 (1991). A. Loewenstein and D. Igner, Deuterium NMR Studies of n-Octyl alpha and beta-D-gLucopyranosides Liquid Crystalline Systems, Liquid Crystals, 10, 457 (1991). J.P. Bayle, J. Courtieu, E. Gabetty, A. Loewenstein, and J.M. Pechine, Chiral Recognition in a Polypeptide Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Through Deuterium NMR, New J. Chem., 16, 837 (1992). A. Loewenstein and D. Igner, Deuterium NMR Studies of n-octyl, n-nonyl, n-decyl-D-glucopyranoside Liquid Crystalline Systems, Liquid Crystals, 13, 531 (1993). A. Loewenstein and M. Brenman, Study of the Liquid Crystalline Phases of Benzopurpurin in Water, Liquid Crystals, 17, 499 (1994). A. Meddour, I. Canet, A. Loewenstein, J.M. Pechine and J. Courtieu, Observation of Enantiomers, Chiral by Virture of Isotopic Substitution, through Deuterium NMR in a Polypeptide Liquid Crystal, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 116, 9652 (1994).