Students of this combined program can take a wide array of courses from the Faculty of Chemistry and from the Faculty of Materials Engineering. Completion of the degree takes an estimated four-and-a-half years.
In the first stage of the degree, emphasis is put on intensive studies of the basic subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry and computers). Towards the end of this stage, the student attends introductory courses from Materials Engineering, as well as courses in Chemistry. The second phase of the studies includes compulsory courses that provide the student with a scientific foundation in all professional fields of Chemistry and Materials Engineering.
In the final stage of the degree, the student specializes in one of the following main areas: electronic materials, polymers, metallurgy and ceramic materials. For this purpose, electives are chosen from a list of courses of both departments, and advanced projects are carried out by the student.
The program includes laboratories in which the student works, performs experiments and becomes acquainted with scientific phenomena and methods in a direct way.
Material engineers graduating from this joint program are well qualified for research and development in manufacturing industries, in all fields where a deep knowledge of chemistry is required.

This program leads to a joint bachelor degree in Materials Engineering and in Chemistry. The degree qualifies students for research and development in high-tech industries, or for further studies towards a master degree or a PhD in this interdisciplinary field.