Special Hour – Introduction on a New Program in “Quantum Molecular Engineering”

Specialized certification in “Quantum Molecular Engineering” within the framework of an MSc degree in the Schulich faculty of Chemistry at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

The meeting will take place in the Seminar room at Aug 13 ,10am.

The new area of quantum technology  includes many fields, such as quantum computers, quantum sensors, quantum materials and theory of quantum mechanics.  This new research direction makes use of quantum properties of particles and materials for a variety of technological and scientific applications.


The area of quantum technology will undoubtedly lead many technological revolution sin the 21st century and accordingly, many resources have been devoted to it in the frame work of European-, Israeli-, and Technion-wide special programs.

A new center for quantum technology has recently been inaugurated at the Technion, which will lead to large scale academic and industrial activities in the near future.   The technological realization of quantum devices is at its first stages and chemistry plays vital roles in enabling these technologies using existing and future quantum materials.

The program at the faculty of chemistry is unique in the world of its kind and involves several new aspects of quantum technologies, such as molecular quantum computers, quantum sensors based on magnetic resonance, applications of quantum computers in theoretical chemistry, unique materials for quantum technologies and theory of quantum mechanics in molecular aspects.


Graduates of the programs will receive a “specialized certification” diploma in “Molecular quantum engineering”, as an appendix to their MSc diploma


Further details  – Weizman Galit – chgalit@technion.ac.il