Solid State Institute at Chemistry faculty at Technion (SSI)

The Solid State Institute is a multidisciplinary unit including 25 faculty members from the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Materials Engineering. Twelve faculty members are routinely active at the Institute at various degrees of involvement. The Institute has 45 graduate students and post-docs who are carrying out all their research work in the Solid State building. The Institute also has five engineers (three of whom are at a PhD level) and an administration unit. The Institute houses service units, such as the XPS, SIMS, Auger, UHV-STM/AFM, cryogenic NSOM, X-ray, micro-Raman and ion implantation. In addition, the Institute accommodates faculty research laboratories, with strong emphasis on optical methodologies, magneto-optical and transport systems.

The following faculty members from the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry  are active in Solid State activities: A. Hoffman, E. Lifshitz, E. Kolodney and Y. Eichen. Efrat Lifshitz has a laboratory located in the Solid State building, including state-of-the-art magneto-optical setups, for the study of composite and single quantum structures.

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