Lorry Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering

The Lokey Center, established in 2007, provides a unique opportunity to bring together the worlds of medicine, life sciences and engineering. The Center combines diverse yet related fields of bioinformatics, proteomics, tissue regeneration and stem cell biology, structural biology, genomics, imaging, bio-processing engineering, and information processing. The Center provides state-of-the-art equipment to a cadre of outstanding researchers, facilitating interdisciplinary exchange between scientists having varied areas of expertise. The Center provides an environment of excellence to foster creative research in life sciences, with the complementary skills in engineering and technology. It offers Technion’s scientists the tools to help solve problems associated with basic life sciences and biomedical engineering, enabling them to create new diagnostic techniques in medicine and extend the frontiers of knowledge in science and technology. The Schulich Faculty of Chemistry is represented in Lokey Center’s Steering Committee (Prof. Adir). Lokey Center faculty members are recruited by one of the Technion faculties but their laboratories and infrastructure are mostly situated in the Emerson Family Life Sciences Building, the home of the Lokey Center. A new Structural Biology Center is currently under construction in the Emerson Building, a joint effort of the Lokey Center and the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Biology.

Faculty members involved in the Lokey Center are: N. Adir, T. Baasov, Z. Gross, U. Keinan, and A. Schmidt.

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