Grand Water Research Institute (GWRI)

The Stephen and Nancy Grand Water Research Institute at the Technion operates as the Israeli national institute for research in the science, technology, engineering and management of water resources. Established in 1993, the mission of the GWRI is to be a center of excellence of international caliber, the leading water research institute in Israel. The GWRI concentrates in particular on topics of relevance and importance to Israel.

The main research areas supported by the GWRI are: water treatment, desalination, treatment and reuse of wastewater, preservation of water quality and quantity in the sources, hydrology – quantity and quality, water and environmental microbiology, management in and of the urban water sector, and water resources management and policy

The GWRI houses several laboratories, including:

  • The Rabin Desalination Laboratory, donated by the Davidow family.
  • The Gilbert Laboratory for Water Quality and Water Treatment.
  • The Laboratory for the Treatment of Wastewater and Reuse, supported by the Fohs Foundation.
  • The Seidel Laboratory for Fluid Flow Management.
  • The Water Resources Management Laboratory, donated by the Mitchell Family Foundation.

Within each laboratory works an academic group of professors, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows devoted to a specific domain of water research. GWRI members can be associated with one or more laboratories according to their field of research.

The GWRI promotes collaboration. It has 56 members from seven Technion faculties and six professors from other universities. In addition, it supports projects from universities, research institutes, agencies, government ministries, industry and the private sector. In particular, three faculty members from the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry are associated with the GWRI: M. Eisen, I. Schechter and Y. Eichen.

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