Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP)

This program brings together the best science and engineering researchers to work in a broad interdisciplinary track to discover and exploit alternative and renewable energy sources, to seek and develop alternative non-carbon-based fuels, to seek solutions for more efficient energy use, and to reduce environmental damage caused by the production and burning of fossil fuels.

The Technion is ideally positioned to carry out this research because of the outstanding quality of its researchers and its well-developed ties with industry. The GTEP is dealing with four key program areas: Alternative Fuels, Energy Storage and Conversion, Renewable Energy Sources, and Energy Conservation. Proposed research topics that these areas will address are: expanded uses for solar energy, including solar photo-voltaic cells for the generation of electricity, solar-powered air-conditioning and solar process heat; development of non-carbon-based alternative fuels; biomass generation of combustible gases; wind turbine design; energy storage; optimization of urban planning for energy conservation; improving engine performance by reducing friction and using advanced combustion processes; and the development of power sources for microelectronic devices.

A number of faculty members in the Faculty are carrying out research in energy-related areas: N. Adir, L. Amirav, A. Blank, M. Eisen, A. Hoffman, Z. Gross, E. Lifshitz and A. Schmidt.


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