“Synthesis of Benzimidazolin-2-iminato Actinide Complexes and Their Applications in Catalyzing Heteroatom-Containing Substrates”

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Lecturer: Dr. Heng Liu

17-17 Jul 2017 @ 11:30

Location: Faculty Seminar Room


When highly electrophilic complexes meet oxygen containing substrates, a very strong bond is obtained (oxophilic complexes). One family of these type of metal complexes are the actinides, at the bottom left part of the periodic table. A great challenge and a conceptual question regards the possibility to design the ligands around such oxophilic metals in order to activate the strong metal-oxygen moiety and bring these compounds to be active in tailored catalytic reactions. In this presentation we will disclose the rational design toward the selection of the ligands and will introduce how we synthesize and characterize the complexes containing the designed ligands. In addition, we will present the activity, reactivity, scope, isotope labelling and mechanistic insights in the catalytic insertion of E-H (E = N, P, C, S, O) moieties into heterocumulens and in the coupling of aldehydes with aldehydes, alcohols, and ketone.