Studying surface interactions using scattering methods

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Lecturer: Gefen Corem

01-01 Jul 2018 @ 12:30

Location: Faculty Seminar Room


The study of surfaces is challenging. In order to understand and predict surface phenomena such as catalysis one needs accurate interaction potentials for all species involved, potentials which rarely exist. Supplying experimental measurements provides an important bench mark for computational research in this field. In this talk I will demonstrate two studies which supply such benchmarks. I will explain about Helium scattering methods, and how they can be exploited to measure structures, I will show an example of water structure on the corrugated surface Cu(511), which allows  us to get new insights about ice growth on surfaces. In the second part I will show how one can use the helium-3 nuclear spin to learn about the interaction of the helium atom with a surface.