“Selenium as a Tool for Chemical Synthesis, Modification and Folding of Proteins”

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Lecturer: Professor Norman Metanis, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

18-18 Jan 2021 @ 11:30

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Selenium occurs rarely in natural proteins, but is becoming a commonly used element in unnatural contexts to aid in the study of protein structure and function. In its natural context, selenium’s role remains uncovered in half of the 25 human selenoproteins. With the aid of chemical protein synthesis, a full characterization of many of these proteins looms close on the horizon. In unnatural contexts, selenium serves as a traceless handle in native chemical ligations and as a “chaperone” for oxidative protein folding. New amino acids containing selenium allow previously unfavorable protein syntheses to occur in good yields. Recently was expanded the chemistry of selenium towards chemoselective modifications of proteins. We will discuss selenium’s contributions to protein chemistry thus far, as well as its potential in future applications.