Nothing Can Do Something: Manipulation Photochemistry by Strong Coupling to the Electromagnetic Vacuum

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Lecturer: Prof. Tal Schwartz

01 Nov 2015 @ 12:30

Location: Faculty Seminar Room

Strong coupling of light and matter is a regime in which coherent interactions prevail over dissipation. In particular, organic cavities – dyes coupled to an optical resonator – are very attractive for studying strong coupling effects, as they display coupling strengths approaching 1eV at room temperature. On the other hand, organic molecules display a very rich behavior, (e.g. molecular functionality or chemical reactivity) which can lead to new effects when strongly-coupled to electromagnetic field. In my talk I will discuss this new concept and how the re-arrangement of the energy landscape, due to strong coupling, can modify the rate of a chemical reaction and how strong coupling may be used to control photochemistry.