Methods of Combining Spectral Measurements for On-line Monitoring of Water Quality Parameters

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Lecturer: Olga Myshlyakova

28-28 May 2019 @ 15:30

Location: Faculty Seminar Room


Spectral analytical methods are widely used for water quality monitoring. Most of the currently used techniques, which are known for many years, are based on spectral data obtained from separated spectrometric methods. Current technology allows simultaneous on-line data acquisition based on many spectrometric methods, such as UV-Vis absorption, Fluorescence and scattering. Clearly, each single method provides limited analytical information, which is not sufficient for handling complicated mixtures and compositions. Our major objective was the development of fast on-line tools to utilize the data obtained from various spectral platforms for characterizing water quality parameters. Integration of experimental measurements and chemometric methods were used in order to reach this goal. The results of this research include experimental design optimized for chemometric model construction. The tested models were Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Partial least squares (PLS) and non-linear Support Vector Machine (SVM).

The above methodology was tested and applied to on-line analysis of water during chlorination disinfection treatment. Water and water treatment process were used as meaningful research examples, due to their availability and necessity.