Holes in Interacting Nano-scale Systems: Models, Algorithms and Dynamics

סמינר כימיה פיזקאלית ואנאליטית

מרצה: Anat Kira

16-16 Jan 2018 @ 15:30

מיקום: חדר סמינרים פקולטי

Hole transport is an important transport mechanism in solid state based electronic devices. In recent years charge transport through biomolecules (such as DNA) is also attributed to hole dynamics and/or kinetics. In this work we study fundamental aspects of quantum hole dynamics in nano-scale system. Using reduced models we follow the many body dynamics of interacting electrons in the presence of a few (one or two) holes, and study the validity of the interpretation of the dynamics in terms of holes dynamics. In this seminar I will describe the models and a new computational algorithm developed in order to solve the many body Schroedinger equation for these models. I will present results which demonstrate intriguing aspects of hole dynamics in small systems, such as transition from hole repulsion to hole attraction induced by changes in the system dimensions, or in the electron-electron interaction parameter. Conclusions with respect to the common interpretation of holes in terms of effective positive charges will be given.