Fullerene- Fullerene Surface Impact Processes on Ultra-Thin Membranes: Fornation of Carbon-Based Nano-Structures

סמינר כימיה פיזקאלית ואנאליטית

מרצה: Maria Baskin

15 May 2016 @ 12:30

מיקום: חדר סמינרים פקולטי

In the recent years, the research in the field of carbon nano-structures (CNSs) has been among those of high priority world-wide. Such interest is accounted for by various CNS applications in high technologies and nano-engineering due to the large number of the allotropes and the wide spectrum of their morphological, physical, and chemical properties. Despite the fact that large number of research groups deal with carbon allotropes many of them cannot be synthesized properly. Three basic requirements can be identified for the nano-carbon allotropes growth: 1. Growth on the Si substrate; 2. Absence of the catalyst; 3. Ordered growth of only desired carbon form. These three terms cannot be satisfied simultaneous for now.
The goal of the present research was growing and characterizing various CNS by the method of pure-carbon ion beam bombardment (IBB). All the synthesis was performed by unique ion beam source of C60. Work with ion beam has “the main” advantages, which are very useful for the carbon allotropes synthesis, compare to the other possible synthesis methods.