Characteristic Footprints of an Exceptional Point in the Dynamics of LI Dimer Under a Laser Field

סמינר כימיה פיזית ואנאליטית

מרצה: Idan Haritan

22 Mar 2016 @ 15:30

מיקום: חדר סמינרים פקולטי

Non Hermitian Quantum Mechanics is a formalism that excels in describing time-dependent states such as resonances. As one, it opens up a window to explore new and undiscovered phenomena. Under this formalism coalescence of two eigenstates and a deficient spectrum are a possible situation. These situations are unique and can occur solely in specific conditions known as Exceptional Points (EP). An EP holds unique characteristics. One of which is a switch-like behavior: upon adiabatically changing the conditions in a closed loop around the EP, the population of one resonance can be transferred completely to another resonance. The phenomenon was not experimentally observed in an atomic or molecular system so far, although experiments involving nonlinear PT symmetry optics and microwave cavities have already indicated its existence.
In this work, we demonstrate and confirm that the switch-like behavior exists in the spectrum of a lithium dimer taking into account both the rotations and the vibrations of the system. Moreover, a footprint of the EP is also shown to exist in the photo-association process of the lithium dimer. In this process the EP's resonances serve as the mean to associate two free lithium atoms into a dimer. Based on this, we suggest a corresponding experiment to demonstrate for the first time the EP phenomenon in a molecular system.