Spectroscopy, Photophysics and Photochemistry

· Laser photophysics and photochemistry: investigating specially designed bichromophoric molecules elucidates the mechanism of short-range intramolecular electronic energy transfer. The transfer efficiency is studied, in solution, as a
function of excitation energy, temperature and molecule geometry. Complementary calculations and modeling enable elucidation of the transfer mechanism and relation of the model to existing energy transfer theories.
We also study photoconductivity of polymers.

· Spectroscopy and photophysical processes in supersonic jets: Using a supersonic beam expansion technique, the
spectroscopy and photophysics of bichromophoric molecular clusters and molecules are being studied. The processes under investigation are at an electronic energy transfer, quenching of excited states by molecular oxygen, exciplex formation and electron transfer processes.

· Molecular nonlinear optics, optoelectronics and molecular electronics: We have developed a powerful theoretical model, the nonlinear eikonal approximation, to study practical molecular optoelectronic devices either in thin film or in waveguide structures, such as optical fibers. Bistable optical devices, spatial light modulators, molecular memory devices and propagation effects in optical fibers have been analyzed in detail. More recently we study molecular
structure control of intramolecular electron, proton and energy transfer processes and their implications in design of molecular switches and molecular scale logic gates.

· Laser Material Interactions: In collaboration with industry and the Israel Institute of Metals we investigate the mechanism of laser induced deposition of thin films and laser induced removal of contaminates from silicon wafers.

Selected Publications


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