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We continuously fix bugs and upgrade features in Aroma. In most cases, users write to us when they encounter problems, and we do our best to help. We therefore appreciate any input that you will be able to provide.

We ask for your e-mail. It will be used only to let you know about problems that we solve, bug fixing and upgrades. Your e-mail will be for this use only, and we, Dr. Anuja Rahalkar and Professor Amnon Stanger, will be the only ones who will have access to your e-mail.

If you are a graduate student, please add an e-mail address of the group, so that we can keep updating the future users.

Anuja Rahalkar and Amnon Stanger

Attention for Windows users.

Due to different OS and Python versions, some computers will run Aroma1.0 and some will run Aroma1.01. Please download the two versions and the 1.01 manual and check which version suits your computer.