Academic programs in the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry

Why chemistry?
Chemistry plays an important role in numerous fields. such as drug development, food processing, development of materials for the high tech industry, the development of new and renewable energy sources, and in the production of new materials.
The science of chemistry connects various fields such as physics, mathematics, biology, medicine and environmental sciences. Chemistry is the central discipline that bridges the gaps between all the fields of science that deal with materials.
Chemistry is an interesting and creative field in which new materials are created, and basic existential questions are answered.
The industry desperately looks for graduates of the faculty. Our graduates can find employment in Israel or abroad, in various positions and fields such as the development of new drugs, management and supervision of teams that run production lines, development of new energy sources, as well as work in medicinal and biotechnological laboratories and research institutes. Rafael, Intel, Tami, Teva, Adama, Taro, Bazan, Perrigo, Tirkovot Brom (Bromine Compounds) are among the companies that employ many of our graduates.
Some of our graduates pursue an academic career, which includes the option to complete a PhD degree in Israel or abroad, as well as employment in research and teaching positions in leading academic institutions in Israel and elsewhere in the world.
What is the job of a chemist?
Chemists are scientists who create new molecules, characterize them and find the most effective use for them in economy and for society.
Academic programs for a bachelor degree:
1. Chemistry – a three-year program that covers all fields of modern chemistry.
2. Molecular Biochemistry – joint three-year program together with the Faculty of Biology, for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge about the chemical processes of life.
3. Direct M.Sc. program – with completion of this four-and-a-half year program, the graduates receive a bachelor and a master degree (M.Sc.). The program is meant for outstanding students and includes increased scholarships and research work beginning from the second year of the studies.
4. Materials Engineering and Chemistry – joint tandem program of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Materials Engineering. At the end of the four and a half years of studies, the graduates are awarded a degree in Materials Engineering (Chemistry track).
5. Molecular Engineering – a new program that will be launched in 2017-2018. The program takes four and a half years.
Terms of admission to the faculty can be found on the Technion website:

There is a possibility to be accepted to the bachelor programs without a grade from the psychometric exam, under the following conditions:
1. A grade of 90 or higher in five units in the A levels in English, Mathematics and Physics or Chemistry, as well as an interview with the Teaching Committee of the Faculty of Chemistry.
2. Archimedes – in this unique program, high school students can accumulate 11 academic credit points during the first year, and up to 30 credit points can be collected overall. If a student collects 30 credit points or more in the course of the program, his candidacy will be evaluated based on his achievements at the Technion.
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