The final stage of Chemiada 2018

On March 22, the Chemiada finals were held at the Technion – the national competition in chemistry for high school students. The prize in the competition is a full or partial study scholarship for the first year of the Technion (11th graders will receive a scholarship to the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry only). The scholarships are ranked according to the award: a full scholarship for the first place winners, 75% second place scholarship and 50% third place scholarship.

The first place among the 12th graders was Raz Lotan, a science education center and the Ironi A school in Tel Aviv, and Chen Glaztein of the Hebrew high school in Haifa and Maxim Morshin, of blessed memory, won the first prize. University of Jerusalem (first place), Ron Refaeli of the Ben-Gurion Education Campus in Emek Hefer (second place) and Noa Karsak of Ahad Ha’am High School in Petah Tikva (third place). Shahar Haslton was awarded a certificate of excellence from the A-Complex in Be’er Sheva.

The program is headed by Prof. Zeev Gross of the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry at the Technion, who led the final event, and for the managerial and pedagogical aspects, Dr. Avital Lahav and Dr. Izene Nigel Ettinger were responsible for the first stage of the competition. Prof. Adam Schwartz, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Prof. Noam Adir and Director of the Center for Future Scientists, Mr. Eli Fried, congratulated them on the final event.