Asher Mandelbaum

Asher Mandelbaum

Professor Emeritus
Organic Mass Spectrometry - Ion chemistry of organic gas-phase ions. - Stereochemical effects in the fragmentation of gas-phase ions. - Mechanistic studies of dissociation processes of gas-phase ions.Structural studies by mass spectrometry

Post doc: MIT, Cambridge MASS

Ph.D: Technion, 1963

W.A. Devane, L. Hanus, A. Breuer, R.G. Pertwee, L.A. Stevenson, G. Griffin, D. Gibson, A. Mandelbaum, A. Etinger and R. Mechoulam, Isolation and Structure of a Brain Constituent which Acts on the Cannabinoid Receptor, Science, 258, 146-149 (1992).
M. Edelson-Averbukh, A. Etinger and A. Mandelbaum, Intramolecular Benzyl-Benzyl Interactions in Protonated Benzyl Diethers in the Gas Phase, J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. 2, 1095-1106 (1999).
J. Ben Ari, M. Karni, Y. Apeloig and A. Mandelbaum, The Role of Hydride Migration in the Mechanism of Alcohol Elimination from Protonated Ethers Upon Chemical Ionization. Experiment and Theory, (invited paper), Internat. J. Mass Spectrom., 228, 297-306 (2003).
J. Ben Ari, I. Navon and A. Mandelbaum, The Effect of Steric Hindrance on the Relative Rates of Anchimerically Assisted Alcohol Elimination from MH+ ions of 2-Substituted 1,4-Dialkoxybutanes upon CI and CID. Experiment and Theory, Internat. J. Mass Spectrom., 433-445 (2006).

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